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Neurological Services in Maple Shade, NJ

Since 1978, Neurological Regional Associates PA in Maple Shade, New Jersey, has offered neurological services to both adult and pediatric neurological patients. At our independent practice, we specialize in Alzheimer's, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, seizures, and migraine treatments. Backed by more than three decades of experience, our physicians are ready to help you with your neurological problems today.
Personality — Neurological Services in Maple Shade, NJ

EEG & EMG Testing

At our office, we offer quick and painless EEG and EMG testing as part of our neurological services. The EEG takes one hour and 15 minutes, and the EMG takes 40 minutes. Our physicians review the test results with you at your follow-up visit.
Doctor's Office — Neurological Services in Maple Shade, NJ

Computerized Cognitive Testing

When you need computerized cognitive testing, we are ready to help you. Our computerized test is very patient friendly and requires little orientation. This test can take anywhere from 45-60 minutes. Learn more about this test and the neurological diseases we treat at our office.
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