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EEG & EMG Testing in Maple Shade, NJ

When you need quality EEG and EMG testing, you can trust the physicians at Neurological Regional Associates PA in Maple Shade, New Jersey. We offer a wide range of neurological services to help diagnose your issues.
EMG/EEG — EEG Testing in Maple Shade, NJ

About EEGs​

An electroencephalogram is a neurological test that measures the electrical activity of your brain. By analyzing the activity of these electrical signals, we determine if the signals are normal or abnormal.

What to Expect

During the first several minutes of the test, we take measurements of your head. Then, you lie down on your back on an examination table. The technician applies gel and pastes electrodes, which are small metal disks that allow the testing equipment to measure brain activity.

During this time, we may ask you to turn your head to one side for proper placement. A majority of the electrodes are placed on your head, with a few on your right hand and your chest. These electrodes measure nerve activity and heart rate.

How To Prepare

You MUST make sure your hair is clean and dry for the test. We recommend you wash your hair the morning of the test, as many people produce oil from their scalp during sleep, which often makes it difficult for the electrodes to pick up a good connection.

You cannot use mousse, gels, or hairspray the day of the test as this also affects the connection of the electrodes. No braids, extensions or cornrows are permitted and hairpieces will need to be removed at the time of testing. Also, no dreadlocks are permitted. Please do not wear turtleneck tops or hooded sweatshirts.

Beginning the Test

During the actual test, the technician instructs you to open or close your eyes. We place a flashing light on you for a portion of the test, and the last portion of the test requires you to hyperventilate.

About EMGs

An electromyography is a neurological test that measures muscle and nerve activity. By analyzing the activity of the nerves and muscles, we determine the presence of nerve damage.
Headache — EMG Testing in Maple Shade, NJ

Testing Procedure

During the test, you remain on an examination table. The first part of the test involves the physician applying mild electrical stimulation to the area being tested, and the second part consists of a physician inserting small needle electrodes into the skin of the area. We may ask you to move the tested area. These needles pick up any muscle and nerve activity in that area. We also perform a nerve conduction velocity test. This test will take about 40 minutes.

How To Prepare

The day of the test do not use any powders, lotions, or creams on the area that is getting tested. The physician may also ask if you are taking any blood thinners.
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